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The Blanchard Team

Providing people like you with an excellent home sale experience since 2002!

How did we get here?  In 2005, when houses were selling before the signs were even put in the ground, my children were all under six years old; there was no way I could get a buyer to a newly listed house on a moment’s notice. I was losing bidding wars because we weren’t getting there quickly enough. At that time, I “adopted” a new agent. Sarah knew her stuff, she had the process down, she was personable and trustworthy. Her schedule was much more flexible than mine and she was able to manage the appointments that were always changing, she could spend all day with a buyer. And she was GOOD at it. Sarah and I worked together, as a team, for years before she moved to Boston. That was a very sad day for me.

I really enjoyed the team approach to real estate; I didn’t want to give it up. I liked being able to work around our client’s schedule and not around mine. I liked that there was always someone available to get to that hot new listing before someone else did. Luckily, there was an agent who had just moved to my office bringing two years of experience and having the same drive and determination, warmth and trustworthiness that Sarah had. Gerry Light and I started working together in 2007. About a year later, my husband Carl started as a new agent and immediately joined our team.

We made the move to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in late 2018.  Some have suggested that my team’s name should be The Blanchard Group or Blanchard HomeServices or Basking Ridge HomeServices … something that rings a little more professional or portable.  But for me, The Blanchard Team just works.  It strikes a chord.  It sounds right. It feels good.  With four busy kids and a successful real estate business – my life often feels like a team sport.  So I’m just going for it!

The Blanchard Team – three great agents, one great team!

Your home is our business.